• Undefeated

    undefeated shadow3

    Stories of Survival, Resilience, and Relevance in Salem, Oregon. 

    WITH EVERY PATH, THERE COMES A CHOICE. “I want my attorney. And if I can’t talk to an attorney, let me talk to my wife!” Alcohol pumped through the veins of the corrections officer. Todd had never wanted to be like his father - until he reached for the bottle and found himself at rock bottom. Randy and Cheryl had a destructive addiction that left them desperate and homeless. Just when they thought they were free to live out their dreams, their lives were literally “flooded” with change. There was nowhere for Annie to turn. The abuse she had endured since childhood was still fresh in her mind. Her mom and dad didn’t love her like they used to. Her marriages had fallen to pieces. Would she ever find true love? Enter into these real stories and more from Salem, Oregon, and find relevance for your life. In the midst of their journeys, will they give up? Or will they reach the summit and earn the right to be declared…UNDEFEATED.”

    This book is available as a free gift for every guest at Relevant Life Church

  • Phil & Ann Marie Pilgrim

    Phil Ann Marie Pilgrim

     Salem, OR

     Retired Accountant and Homemaker


    "On our first Sunday in Salem we were running late and, while on our way to another church, saw a street sign for a church that we saw in the yellow pages when looking for a church. God directed us to RLC, and from the opening of the morning service until the close, we knew that we did not have to look any further for our worship home. We found the people to be relational and real and the ministries God-inspired and Spirit-led. The Worship makes you feel as if you were ushered right up to God’s throne, and the sensitivity to the moving of God is evident. The people are loving and enfolded us immediately into the body. We are encouraged to express our spiritual gifts in teaching, music, and men’s and women’s ministries, as well as community outreach and service. We were blessed on a missions trip to Honduras in 2006 with 22 members that changed our life. We are continuing to grow and develop our spiritual walk over these many years, and we long for others to experience the joy of this church family as we do. "

  • Doug & Melodee Anderson

    Doug Melodee Anderson 

     Keizer, OR

     Career Transition Specialist and Trust Administrator


    "My wife and I were looking for a local church that had passionate worship and Spirit-filled teaching.  We walked into Relevant Life Church and could sense the presence of God.  We were loved by this congregation from the first day we walked in the door.  We only intended on staying in Oregon for a year and then move to be with family in Idaho.  Our love for the people, the biblical teaching, and being part of the ministry at Relevant Life Church has kept us here for the past 10 years."

  • Chuck & Deb Taylor

    Chuck and Deb

     Salem, OR 

     Drafter and Accountant


    "At RLC we see God at work in peoples lives. We are experiencing exciting and authentic Christianity, a dynamic relationship between us and God, and between us and the people God has gifted into our lives. The people here are REAL – and we know they sincerely care about us and our family. We both grew up in church – but we are tired of religion, its plastic-ness, and its dead trappings. Jesus said He brings us LIFE in HUGE amounts – that LIFE is here, and we want to share it!"