We at Relevant Life Church are endeavoring to understand the culture, the times, and the strategy in which we are to fulfill God’s purposes in our world.

“And those of Issachar, men who had understanding of the times to know what Israel ought to do. . .”

1 Chronicles 12:32

What is it to be relevant?

Being Relevant is relating to the matter at hand, being significant, and demonstrating understanding of the times; responding to those times in a practical and applicable way.

We KNOW that:
Our God is RELEVANT to ALL people, generations, and circumstances, and that God’s Word is RELEVANT to EVERY crisis, question, and social issue.

Our DESIRE is:
To be faithful to our RELEVANT God – declaring His Word in a PRACTICAL way, being aware of the times and trends, and responding in significance to them!

What should we be relevant to?

Relevant to GOD:
Demonstrating an understanding of His purposes and walking in relationship with Him.

Relevant to HIS WORD:
Presenting and declaring His Word and its truths in RELEVANCE to our culture without compromising, and knowing that these truths apply to life NOW.

Relevant to those He came to seek:
Being in touch with the times and presenting ALL that God is and has to offer while connecting with and relating to the people who surround us.